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harriet bedford was set up in 2003 and I've had so many amazing experiences with my work. I've sold through Liberty and Selfridges and even had a design approved for use by the Queen!

Not bad for a girl from Bristol who still doesn't own a proper blowtorch...

There should be something for you here if you love great jewellery and art, have a creative business or want to know what traps to avoid, if you are a designer or jeweller and fancy a couple of neat tricks and tutorials, or if you like the idea of "art" but don't know where to start.

The posts will always be written by me (unless I get a very special guest in!) so it's 100% authentic, straight from the designer information.

Any questions? Get in touch!

X Harriet Bedford

Yay #fortunecookie - #newbeginnings X X X My #watercolour #alphabet #poster in situ! Available at http://www.harrietbedford.co.uk - great for #babyshower and #nursery #decor x x x so chuffed with this! Edith @ nine weeks. Fur-genius and hell dog. #labrador #puppy #furbaby #cute She really knows how to take over! X The desk has NEVER been so tidy. Feel lost and scared #designer #geniuslostwithclutter #declutter #atleastihavemymusic #mydesk

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Harriet Bedford designer jewellery

silver on green…

silver on green...

Paul by Paul Smith high waisted skirt
$105 – vanmildert.com

Emerald green necklace

Leaf earrings
$125 – harrietbedford.co.uk

Debenhams manicure pedicure kit
$10 – debenhams.com

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