for the love of m*a*s*h

for the love of m*a*s*h

It’s to my shame that it took me so long to get addicted to M*A*S*H.

It was always my parents’ favourite TV show, in fact legend has it that they delayed any naughty business on their honeymoon night until they had seen it. Hawkeye, Trapper, BJ, Hotlips, Potter and the rest of them seem to have had an impact long before I knew who they were…

There was also an incident in Florida, when I got into real trouble meters away from, I was later told, Radar’s condo. And yet I never asked who Radar was.

This year though, thanks to a box set and pretty ropey TV scheduling, I have managed to catch up. And OH MY GOD.

The best thing about M*A*S*H (and I am going to keep writing it like that, I enjoy it), is its variety, both in style and mood. There are very few caricatures in it, and those that there are tend to soften and become more intricate or vanish entirely by the later series.

The mood tends to revolve around Hawkeye who is not always sympathetic or heroic. In fact, he can be a bit of a sleaze and a bully. And yet he heads up a gang of the only heroes available.

It’s not saccharine, but neither is it bawdy (the reason why I had avoided it). It has also had some of the most amazing one off episodes of any series I’ve seen – a story has been told from the perspective of a wounded soldier, another in real time with a little clock in the corner and most famously perhaps, one in the form of unreliable and changing flashbacks of a man experiencing a breakdown.


It was and still is mould breaking, dangerous writing. And I would recommend it.

As the final episode was watched by more people than watched the finales of any other series in history (over 100 million) I think you can assume that they would recommend it too. Watch it if you can. It exudes class.


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