my painting toolkit!

my painting toolkit!


Discovering something new to get all passionate about is wonderful – I have recently had just that happen!

I wasn’t a great fan of art at school  – despite what I now do for a living, I didn’t take either art or design at high school but chose to learn everything later – and wasn’t jaded by having to do exams in the things I love… I think that’s really helped me.

My birthday was in April so I thought the time was right to invest in some proper “art stuff”.

First I wanted to research what the people I love use, so my first stop was the delightful Paper Fashion – that woman is so talented!  It was there that I discovered the Mijello Mission paints. They are flawless. So much pigment and they are so easy to use. They are a joy! Also having tubes means that you can make up several palettes (although the idea that anyone would ever need a bulletproof one is bonkers… Seriously?)

I also discovered Arches paper through Paper Fashion. Having blocks rather than pads eliminates the need to soak and stretch paper yourself (something I only realised you need to do after producing a few rather wavy and crispy paintings…)

The other things I have in my arsenal are listed below with (UK) links. I’ll stick more general bits and bobs about my design adventures here as I have them…

I am currently working on a set of paintings that will be tied in with a new jewellery collection (oh yeah – jewellery!) It should all be available VERY soon…but no sneak peeks, not JUST yet….(I am SO excited about it – if you know a mum who might need an amazing gift soon, stay tuned!)


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