what designing feels like (the ladybird nemesis story)

what designing feels like (the ladybird nemesis story)

Sometimes the drive to design doesn’t take you in the right direction at all. Never feel concerned that you might be the only person making mistakes!
I will always believe that mistakes lead to learning and learning leads to fabulousness.

A while ago I became OBSESSED with two things. Ladybirds and rollercoasters. Ladybirds are beautiful, and rollercoasters are a wonder of engineering. I drew a lot of pictures but didn’t really act on them… until I saw… a British Jewellers’ Association competition for a catwalk cocktail ring!

The OBSESSION then became MONDO OBSESSION. I went on holiday with a friend of mine during this time. I must have driven her absolutely crazy. I couldn’t stop my brain!!

When you are trying to come up with answers to niggly little problems, it’s like playing sport. You want to be alert to catch every tiny thought – just in case it’s the vital one!

In the end, the problems were solved.  I came up with this, The Ladybird Nemesis. (Nemesis is the name of a rollercoaster at Alton Towers here in the UK).

The ladybirds move freely around the track – it’s wearable in 2 different ways…. but I was still so concerned about it having to be perfect that I chose not to submit it for the competition (stupid of me).

Ladybird nemesis by harriet bedford Ladybird nemesis by harriet bedford

Also despite the problems being solved, the piece was an intriguing and unusual piece of art rather than wearable jewellery. I sold it and moved on….

It still feels a bit odd that so much energy went into something that lived so quietly and for such a short time. But another moral of the LN story is to know when to let go. It can always come out of retirement!

As a designer, I have found that the energy that wraps itself around a collection is with everything. And wrong or right, I’ve created something unique – and am equipped to improve on it next time…

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Amanti Art framed wall art
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