RuPaul’s Drag Race Envy…

RuPaul's Drag Race Envy...

I’m sure I’m allowed to say it (no one is perfect) – but I am actually properly envious of the ladies on RuPaul’s drag race.

It is just such a beautiful show. Especially compared to the damp squib version available to biological women, ……’s Next Top Model.

Obviously the harrowing is much the same, the angst in from of the cameras, the bitchiness and cliques. But there are 2 BIG differences. And they aren’t achieved by padding or cinching.

The first is rather obvious. Some of RuPaul’s girls are large. Actually. BIG. And there tends not to be just one token plus size per series either.
And ok, no larger lady has yet taken the title, but they are encouraged to love themselves as they are, for who they are and take advantage of being bigger…. Advantage? Bigger? YES!

Plus size on ….’s Next Top Model? You mean a size 4? I think they’d rather not….

So the boring part of what makes Drag Race better aside, we come to what makes Drag Race SO much better. Worlds apart better. 


On Next Top model it really is a case of getting the contestants to pose with snakes, smile with their eyes and do catwalk lengths under difficult circumstances.

Also and more worryingly, it tells them to give “industry professionals” absolute power over them. If I had kids, I wouldn’t allow them to watch this bilge.

The “shave their heads and make them cry” episodes is little more than wank fodder for a certain kind of sadist. As someone who hires models, I can honestly state that it serves no additional purpose. I bet said sadist can’t believe their luck.

In the meantime, RuPaul’s girls perform stand up for an audience of elderly people, make haute couture for themselves using Hello Kitty merchandise and give a makeover to a hetero man-drag-bride for a real drag wedding with contestants as the proud drag-moms (Can I get an AMEN?!)

There are screen tests for John Waters, lip syncing and musicals together with showing off their hand made outfits to everyone from a Kardashian to Neil Patrick Harris. And, you know what? When they fail, they can redeem themselves if their heart is really in it.

It’s sweeter. It’s friendlier. And it’s very obviously men only.

So, TV, what do you say? Me and my girls want to play too.

I dare you. TV. Make this one equal too. Can I get an AMEN?! 

Odd additional thought regarding “reality” TV. I have no clue, I mean NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about whether there is anyone in the Big Brother house at the moment. That is a tragedy if there is….

Emilio Pucci swimsuit swimwear
£165 –

Hanky Panky bra
£28 –

Sophia Webster clutch
£285 –

Harriet Bedford jewelry

Swarovski bracelet charm
£10 –

Headband hair accessory
£3.12 –



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