ah. oh. no….

ah. oh. no....


Every now and again, I take a look at my life and (usually) notice something that has recently taken hold of my brain.

Last year, I was learning to paint and it was all I could think about, the year before I spent hours looking at how people were painstakingly customising completely naff dolls and making stunning things.

And, of course this year’s obsession is COMPLETELY SECRET RIGHT NOW….

Last night though, I realised that something has been lurking in the background for years. I mean YEARS. Genuinely as long as I can remember, I’ve found slime…..just…good.

I know it’s not sensible. I know it’s not the kind of thing a high end jewellery brand should be saying – hey kids – mess is excellent! But I do think it is. It grounds people, ties them together, kills pomposity and can be genuinely hilarious.

From the water fights I used to have with my dad… (NEVER forgetting the time he jumped into a lake just to entertain the family) to the incredibly unjust and unfair sliming I suffered when at college (my main memory is of begging/trying to run away…oh and my failed attempt to bribe them all….) it’s so much fun – this set is just about that really.

(FYI – never again. Don’t even try…..)

Étoile Isabel Marant loose top
£140 – lagarconne.com

A P C crew neck tee
£58 – lagarconne.com

A.P.C. denim jeans

Kate Spade umbrella
£26 – gracioushome.com


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