why I am keeping the photographs….

why I am keeping the photographs....


I have had to change my phone just recently due to constantly running out of space on it.

Before I made the switch, I realised that there was a choice there. I could save myself a couple of hundred pounds (that’s about a hundred dollars right now….). I could stick with my almost perfectly good 16GB iPhone 5….and DELETE SOME PHOTOS.

Now those of you who know me or know of me will have a fair idea of what my cameras have to put up with. But my phone – just checking it – currently has 10,801 photographs on it. No duplicates, very few selfies – all solid experience and beauty.

During a holiday, I have been known to take more than 2000 in a day then edit down when I get in. Capturing something wonderful or weird when I see it (and having a dog makes it all 10 x worse) is something I love to do. It aids and informs my design. I get the accuracy in my work because I spend such a long time looking at the pictures I’ve taken, and deciding how and when to take more.

So delete some? Really? I’m a brutal editor anyway. I have no rubbish here….Have my money. I need a bigger phone. I felt a bit uneasy as I like to use things until they can’t be used any more. Although I sold my pld phone on, I felt like it was a bit of a needless purchase.

And today, the justification for it fell into my lap.

My Nan is going to be 90 years old on Tuesday. I am giving her a yummy piece of jewellery (seriously. YUMMY) and the family asked if I could fill a memory card with scans of their old pictures so that they could put it into a digital frame for her.

I raided my collection and Facebook and found a good few pictures and was quietly proud of myself.

Then my mum arrived with an armful of photographs, apologised and left.

I have spent the afternoon looking at pictures of my family. My dad, who died in 1991, in new pictures. Smarter, younger, different, new – and my nan – in a bikini as a teenager! Baby photos of everyone. Old and young. Alive and dead. Everyone came back to me refreshed and new. I saw my Great grandmother for the first time – and she looks like me. And there were pictures of me I had never seen before.

It was all so exhilarating, sad and beautiful.

When I had finished, I sat and cried.

No. I am not ever giving up my photographs. NEVER.

(Especially not this one. Proof that I am probably very nearly Lara Croft.)
harriet bedford action heroine.
I’d love to hear about what you have discovered in old photo collections! Let me know in the comments!
x x x hx

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