what I learnt from video games….

whatI learnt from video games....


6 things that a jewellery designer got out of playing computer games.


You know what? Maybe, just maybe I’m a little unusual within my industry.

Sometimes I feel a little less fancy or grown-up .


I don’t mind it at all. I was always called weird when I was a secondary school and my innovation and differences now work entirely in my favour.


But computer games? Can I really turn my decades long love of computer games into a designer virtue?


Yes. Behold, 6 habits, experiences and other stuff I have received simply by being a gamer.


1 – Muses. Oh my goodness. If you game then the world is your oyster when it comes to people to design for. Something practical but sensational for Lara Croft, mapping out all of her experiences on a charm bracelet? Wedding rings for the Herald of Andraste? There are so many characters to practice on, it almost feels feels like cheating.


2 – Tenacity. Nobody said it was going to be easy. The mindset of someone who runs a business and someone who has completed Witcher 3 are alarmingly similar. Something too tricky? Train until it’s easy. REPEAT. Unless you want to quit, there really is no option.


3 – Tantrums. The undeniable temptation to ditch the entire thing when you’ve made an incorrect decision during a conversation in Mass Effect is almost impossible to resist. As is the temptation to rip up a setting when it’s imperceptibly “off”… Sadly the Jewellery Rage Quit is not as rare as I’d like to pretend!


4 – Trophies. Otherwise known as…. A brief. Long list of things to achieve before the client/console says thank you and gives you a nice, shiny platinum trophy? Or some money? Is it wrong that these processes are practically identical in my head?


5 – Gratitude. I started, as many people did playing Final Fantasy games on the Playstation One with Final Fantasy 7.

The fact that I could play a game from disc that had a wonderful story, great interactive mechanics and beautiful, beautiful graphics blew my mind. And then came FF8. A world away in terms of beauty, such a step up then the same, but with a cartoony style for FF9.

FFX, FFX-2 and FF12 were then made for the Playstation 2 and my mind was blown even further. The cut scenes from these games would pass as films. Such effort and love had been poured into them… The PS3 games (despite wonky game-play in FFXIII and FFXIII-2) were even more beautiful. SO sharp. (I will not whine about linear gameplay. I will not even mention it!)

I have loved having the next installment waiting over the horizon for me every few years. I know the next one is going to look amazing and take me away on an adventure for a few hours. And now with Final Fantasy 15 for the PS4 pre-ordered and the re-make of the first game that drew me into the strange and lovely work of square/squareenix on its way, I truly couldn’t be grateful to them for the last 20 years of entertainment and anticipation.

Noting what you have is vital to everyone in life. The things you notice are what colours it all for you and can make the simplest things truly satisfying.


6 – Perfectionism. Who out of us can enter the world of Fallout 4 and not spend a massive chunk of time getting our protagonist’s face, hair and features 100% right? And then, if it isn’t, who hasn’t been tempted to either quit the game to start the design process again or wait until we can tweak it as part of the story? It can’t just be me!



I am on PSN as fracturedruby if you want to say hi, marvel at my 2 (yes TWO!) platinum trophies or wonder how on earth I have found that kind of time to waste….



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