autumnal trouble!! (COMPETITION!)

autumnal trouble!!


I don’t know if it’s the same with you, but I’m never sure what to do at this time of year. I’m in Devon – so right at the bottom South West of the UK , just above Cornwall.

Some days it’s mild, a couple of days ago, it was so hot I could not deal with it and at other times – like. Well, like NOW, to be honest, it’s freezing, and despite the flat still being full of steam from my shower, I want the heating on… or something woolly. MEH.

My mood is a bit weird too. I realised a couple of days ago, that I was just a bit MEH. That was why i decided to launch a new COMPETITION!!! HOORAY, HOORAY!

*leaps about. confetti..etc.*

I think it’s the perfect antidote to all of the MEH. I like a good comping session, and this is perfect.
The prize is this elegant little stunner of a proper charm bracelet with sterling silver wings.
(I so much prefer these!)

The competition details (don’t worry – it’s a draw, not an exam!) are HERE – click through, enter and GOOD LUCK!!!

OH – I am going to have competitions whenever I feel a bit MEH (and also when I hit landmark #s of followers/likes) so you might choose to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too! x

Just saying!

Have an un-MEH day,
x hx

Skull shirt
£12 –

Chicwish tulle skirt
£33 –

Mini skirt
£25 –

Prada grey booties
£405 –

Marie Turnor red purse
£135 –

Bangle bracelet

Ray Ban ray ban eyeglass
£96 –

Cloche hat
£20 –

Georg Jensen accessory

Clinique fragrance

20″ BIG Pusheen plush toy
£37 –

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