How to Adult?

How to Adult?


In my Things to do Before You are 200 post last week, I mentioned the joy of being able to do as an adult the stuff that you loved as a kid.


One of the most important aspects of this is the increased ability to do the things really REALLY well or really REALLY often – like getting all of the toys or travelling about and playing in the sea or visiting friends and making stuff.


I like getting excited about new releases on the Playstation 4. I see the point in card games and love visiting Japanese toyshops (honestly – mind-altering). I am a child with a bank balance.


I can buy boxes of Panini stickers instead of packets now.

I design things just to see if they are awesome.

I can pre-order games and then enjoy avoiding all of the previews and trailers.

I travel to places just for the fun I’ll have when I’m there – not just to unwind or get a tan (I don’t ever really have a tan – I’m sort of light blue. I burn to white in the sun).




I was thinking about how great all of this was when I started looking at what proper grown up people tend to do instead.


The GROWN UP adults tend to do grown up things that no one in their right mind could possibly want to do – like going on long walks up hills or running marathons. Or SKIING.


A lot of them bribe themselves to do these things by ending up at a pub or bar – and a lot admit to everyone how awful an activity is by being sponsored to do it.


But it does appear to me that people are now beginning to understand that they want fun.


There have, for a while now been running events that involve mud and obstacles and messing about with friends. OK it’s for the TOUGH kids (my friend Mia did Tough Mudder a couple of years ago. A run that genuinely gives you electric shocks. She is my [strange, far too masochistic] heroine.)


Long walks have also become more like treasure hunts now that the secret of the hidden caches has been revealed. And of course there is Pokémon Go.


Skiing still loses me. I guess you get to dress up and drink hot chocolate….with booze in it.


Embrace the fun. Embrace adulthood on your own terms. And if you find a good place to get a brass rubbing, let me know. (Really!)

EAST summer top

Short skirt

Monsoon nude shoes
£20 –

Mavala nail polish


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